Towing Services in Brisbane

Which Is Better? Roadside Assistance Or Towing Service

Unexpected issues with the car are troublesome first thing in the morning traffic. It is relevant to the owner that problems should be resolved quickly. Service provided by roadside assistance can help you with easy fixes. Roadside assistance comes with car insurance. Towing services Brisbane on the other hand can provide you with many facilities. You won’t have to make payments before you need them. You will pay for the services you used. Towing services Brisbane offers more than simple repairs. If it is not an elaborate repair they will make those repairs on road in no time. You won’t have to divert your route for a simple patch-up.

What Is Roadside Assistance?

Roadside assistance is also recognized as breakdown cover. They will help you with your vehicle and have you on your way in no time. They try to help you over the phone when you call them. If the service provider is unable to help you they will drum up the vehicle and technician to help you solve your problem.

Roadside assistance covers the car, not the driver. So it does not matter who was driving the vehicle when it broke down. The automobile will need to be nominated for assistance coverage. It also means that for every new car you need new coverage. Thus, if you are driving a car that does not have such privileges then you won’t be able to call roadside assistance.

Roadside assistance gives out contracts to technicians in each city. They have many companies under their banner. So when they send out a towing vehicle and technician, they will dispatch someone that is closest to your location. So you will be able to be on your way quickly.

There are predefined conditions on when services would be provided in the legal paper. We will look into the basic services offered under roadside assistance cover.

Towing Services in Brisbane

Services By Roadside Assistance


The first is towing service. This will include transporting your automobile to a mechanic shop. If you were deserted by your car but you are late for your appointments. Just ask roadside assistance to tow the vehicle to the mechanic that is closest to the location.

The problem with roadside assistance is that they only cover limited miles. If you need to tow it to someplace further then you will be required to pay extra. It is not always known where you will get stranded. It may be within allocated miles from the contracted location but there are chances this might not be the case.

This is something that takes the appeal out of paying extra premiums each month for years. And when you are asked to pay extra money because you needed your vehicle positioned a few more miles further than assigned miles.

Towing services Brisbane does not have any limits or allocated miles for transport. They take money based on the range of miles they transport. For example, for the first 15 km, they take around $100, for 30 km they take around $150.

Flat Tire

A flat tire is one of the most common car problems in the entire world. Though the above statement might be an exaggeration it is not entirely false. Being common, it is also a hazard to not the only driver of the car but also to other cars and their drivers as well.

It is believed that in Australia, two out of five drivers do not know how to change the flat tire. So they call roadside assistance for help. Spare tires are located in the trunk of the car or back of the vehicle.

It is also possible that some people might not have a change of tire. You will need to inform the assistance when you call for help. The technician will come with a change of tire and have it replaced for you. After that, you can be on your way without any detours. Most towing services Brisbane also offer to perform services. If they offer to change a tire then they will tow your car to the mechanic closest to you or to the mechanic you prefer to have your car services to be made.

Some services do not include spare tires so if you don’t have spare you will need to buy them from them. Roadside assistance is mostly suitable for small repairs. Assistance only brings few tools to repair minor alignments.

Fuel Delivery

It is very easy to forget about fueling the car when you are in a hurry. Or maybe you are one of my people who just forgets about it even after you wrote it down in multiple places to remind yourself about the simplest task. It happens to all of us. What can you do? It is the way it is. You learn to roll with the punches life throws at you.

Well, a sure short indication of lack of fuel will be observed by you if your car starts sputtering. Most people have working fuel indicators to let them know when to put it in. However, not all of them have it. So your car will stop after sputtering a few times.

You can call for help through Roadside assistance. They can deliver fuel to your location. This service will not provide you with fuel to get to your original goal but just enough for you to reach the nearest gas station.

Towing services Brisbane will not deliver the fuel but they can take you to the nearest gas station so you can have it fuel there.


As we mentioned before it is very easy to forget about things. So it is not much of a stretch that we can forget our keys in the car and get locked out of the car. For this problem, you can ask for car locksmith service from roadside assistance.

It does not need your car’s windows or any other part broken. If you are still under warranty period then your car dealer will be the one who will provide you with these facilities. Thus, they might have a master key or similar way to open your car without any damage.

If you lost your keys and need help then roadside assistance will not be the best choice. At times like these, it is better to call your family to bring you spare keys. If there are no spare keys then it is better to call towing services Brisbane and has them transport your vehicle someplace secure.


Roadside assistance will only help you extract the vehicle to a safer location. This is a type of towing service as well. However, roadside assistance will not tow your car very far. They will help you unstuck your car from any kind of situation but they get it moving again but nothing more.

Car extraction can be from snow, mud, ditch, sand, etc. This can be easy or very difficult based on the situation you get yourself into. There are heavy-weight vehicles for these types of jobs. But not all contractors have the vehicles to perform the operations. So it might take a while if their contracted companies are far away.

It is also not easy to pull something out if it is stuck. Your car can get damaged in the process of having it extracted. So it is better to leave it to the professional who knows what they are doing.

It is better to call towing services Brisbane for such work as they not only extract your vehicle they will also help you transport it to a suitable location for repair.


Most people don’t check their batteries very often. So it is most unexpected when your car battery dies out on you when you are late for work. It is not a frequent occurrence but it happens to people from time to time.

Roadside assistance will come and jump-starts your car for you. However, this is not a permanent solution to your problem. They will not change or recharge your batteries; you will have to have it done by yourself.

If they are not able to start it on the road, there is nothing they can do further. They will have it towed to the nearest technician shop for you to change or replace batteries. Towing services Brisbane will do the same for you.

Roadside assistance will not affect the premium amount for your car insurance. It is not a claim that you made from the car insurance. But it is not smart to call them multiple times in a short amount of time as they will consider you a risky consumer. So you will only be allowed to call them when you have an emergency.

On the other hand, towing services Brisbane have no such restrictions. They can be called for help at any time. They will not need any payment before you need their services. You will be able to have a wide range of services and little to no restriction on how many km/miles away from your goal you are. Nowadays, they offer all the services offered by roadside assistance without restrictions that apply to them.

Towing services Brisbane are bound by law, where they will not be able to ask whatever amount they like just because they are private companies. In Brisbane, you have a large number of companies that offer towing services. Towing services Brisbane offer more than just towing a car that is stuck on the side of the road. They offer to transport large machinery, construction vehicles, show cars, etc.