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7 Things To Do In Case Of Car Emergency

Being stuck on the road is unpleasant on many levels. It is especially inconvenient when you live in Brisbane city. Many rules need to be followed if you have a breakdown or accident during your commuting. Brisbane city towing policies are strict when it comes to abandoned vehicles or illegal parking. Brisbane city council has provided you with detailed maps on where you can park your automobiles. They will tow your cars or any other type of vehicle if you stop at no-stopping zones, clearways, or tow-away zones. So if you have an emergency call for help immediately.

What To Do In Case Of Breakdown?

Automobile breakdown is very stressful as this can lead to major congestion of vehicles on roads. So here are few helpful tips to follow when you are in this situation.

Stay Calm

You need to calm your mind in case of any emergency. If you panic you might make a mistake. So calm down and think carefully about what to do next. The next few points will help you move in the right direction. Help will arrive as soon as you can call them. But before that, you need to do few things. So read carefully.


It is potentially hazardous to stay in the middle of the road. It is almost certain to get into an accident if you are driving on the highway or freeways. So try to pull your transportation to the side while your vehicle is still running if you feel your vehicle is about to break. Park as far as possible. You won’t create distance between you and oncoming traffic.

City Towing Services

Hazard Lights

Every vehicle is equipped with hazard lights. You will need to turn on them. It is very important in any situation but they are essential at night and in bad weather. It might save a life if your lights are turned on. Otherwise, someone can crash on your vehicle. So be responsible and turn on your hazard lights.

Get Out Of The Vehicle

If it is safe to exit the vehicle do so with caution. You need to be careful when you exit. Check the oncoming traffic before you leave the vehicle. Be sure to turn on the hazard lights and close the doors properly.

If it’s not safe to exit the car, you can stay in the car but please wear a seatbelt. Also, switch on the hazard lights.

Stay Away From Stream Of Traffic

If possible keep clear from the traffic. You are more important than your car. You should not try to cross the road. Stand clear from the trees if it’s stormy weather. You can stand behind safety barriers.

Request For Assistance

You should call for help as soon as you are clear from immediate danger. Road assistance or Brisbane city towing companies will be happy to help you. If your phone is broken or doesn’t have service then you can use payphones near you. This is only if it’s close by and safe to leave your car. If you are injured in any way then you should not move from your position. Always keep oncoming traffic in your sight when you move to make a call.

If it’s a minor problem that you can be solved by yourself, then you don’t need to call for help. But you should check the traffic situation before you try to repair your car. If you have pulled away from the traffic you can try to perform repairs. But if you were not able to pull over then you should just call for road assistance or any of the many Brisbane city towing service providers.

Stay Where You Are

If you make a call and help are on the way, you need to stay put. Help will look for you where you said you were going to be. So stay where they can find you quickly. If you are on the outskirts or a country road then the assistance might take a while to come. So wait it out. Be strong.

When Should I Call For Towing Trucks?

Now we are going to talk about when you should call for Brisbane city towing services. Towing has a very negative connotation in the world, not just in Australia. As we equate towing with fines and unwanted troubles due to illegal parking and much more. This is absurd as towing can be helpful in many situations.

A Brisbane city towing agency offers much more services than you might be aware of. So here we are going to discuss various situations where you can use City Towing Services.

Breakdown Of Automobile

This is our first circumstance where we need tow trucks. These trucks can safely tow your vehicle to a mechanic. Some companies even offer to do a minor repair on site. Their fees are regulated by the laws of Brisbane. So you should not worry about being cheated.

Roadside assistance is only helpful if you have paid premiums. So most people don’t think they will need assistance. Don’t pay for these services.

There are 24/7 towing services are available at cheap prices in many areas of Brisbane. A very good part of all these is you only pay when you need their services, not every month.

Roadside assistance will only take you a certain distance as stated on the policy. But there are no such restrictions on private towing companies in Brisbane. They will charge you according to the distance you need to tow the car. You will pay for a particular amenity you use.

Selling Automobile

When you sell your vehicle for any reason, you will need to transport it to the designated place decided by you and the buyer. But it is not always possible to drive it yourself. So you can use City Towing Services to transport your vehicle for you.

If your car is unregistered then you must use Brisbane city towing companies to tow your automobile. If you get caught while driving an unregistered vehicle, you will need to pay a huge fine. So be safe and save your money and use towing services.

If your car is not in good health then you should use Brisbane city towing services. You should not take risk of a breakdown in the middle of transportation.

When you have such options available to you should use them. Your time is precious; you don’t need to drive the vehicles yourself.

Sometimes when it comes to the older vehicle you might not have any choice in the matter. They are rusted over the years and dangerous to drive if they are not maintained over the years.

City Towing Services

Buying Automobile

When you buy a new car but don’t have time to register it yet. You might want to use tow trucks until your paperwork has been shorted out.
It is also possible that you are busy when the car needs to be picked up at the dealership. When you want to buy limited edition cars they are not always available near you. They might not even be in the same state, much less the same city. You can easily have it delivered to your doorstep by using any of the Brisbane city towing companies.

These new towing equipment are very safe for your vehicles. You can’t drive your vehicle without registration anyway. So it is safer to use tow trucks.
When your dealership is far away, you might have to bother your relative to drive you to the dealership or travel through public transport. So in a way, it is better if you book an appointment for pick-up and delivery of the vehicle.

Transporting Machinery

It is not very easy to transport heavy machinery to a new place. But for any number of reasons you might have to move it. In these situations, you can use Brisbane city towing companies.
New equipment or old equipment, are all important to the industry. They are costly and difficult to replace. Any damage to them can lead to a huge loss of time and money. So use towing trucks to transport them. New modified tow trucks are very good for transporting heavy and big machines.

Tow trucks are very useful. They can be used in any number of ways. But most people still have aversion to them. Tow truck companies are helpful and easily approachable nowadays. They provide you with an application that lets you contact and book appointments if you have prior knowledge of transportation. If it’s an emergency then they will contact you immediately.

Our life is fast-paced. We need to do things as soon as possible. So we require services as soon as possible too. So we require services as soon as possible too. Private towing companies in Brisbane can provide you with quick and cheap services 24/7. Towing is not just done by authorities when you park your vehicle illegally for five minutes. They can get you out of trouble when you breakdown. They also deliver your new cars to your doorstep. Hopefully, now you have some good thoughts to associate with towing.