Towing Companies In Brisbane

10 Automobiles Used By Towing Companies In Brisbane

Being stranded on the road with a flat tire is not a good way to start your morning. Expensive sports cars can be even more worrying. This is not taking into consideration that we can get into motor accidents as easily as we get a mark on your shirt while eating. But Brisbane is one the most popular cities in Australia. Towing companies in Brisbane provide all the services anyone can need. To be more precise they have more than basic equipment to go beyond the simple service of towing. Their most basic towing truck will be the flat-bed truck towing.

towing companies in Brisbane provide an assortment of services for your diverse needs. Most companies provide 24/7 service. You need help, just call the nearest towing company. Their rates only vary concerning the facility provided to you and the distance they travelled to provide you with the amenity. Also, Brisbane has implemented a law to control the price of the towing services. You will never have to pay more than you should.

Towing Companies In Brisbane

Towing Trucks used by towing companies in Brisbane

Wheel Lift Tow Trucks

Wheel lift tow trucks are not used often. They can damage your vehicle during travel. Though being smaller in size it can be helpful to use in small space retrieval of a small vehicle. It is very useful for towing cars from tight places like malls, housing areas, etc.


It is a tray type of tow truck. It is used for towing heavy-weight vehicles. It can carry up to 50 tonnes of burden. Floats can be used for moving huge machinery for industrial factories. It can transport moving plants, booms, drill rigs, boat moulds, equipment, etc. The float has a tray length of 12 meters and a width is 2.4 meters. The float can take a load of a length of 3.5 meters.

Heavy Lifts

Towing companies in Brisbane also offer to transfer ship containers. Tilt and tray tow trucks that can load 6 tonnes are called heavy lift trucks. The heavy-lift has around 7 meters long tray with 2.4 meters width. The heavy-lift truck can also transport sheds, medium and light machines, lesser automobiles, buses, convoys, etc. It can take a load of length up to 3 meters.

Extra Heavy Lifts

Extra Heavy lifts are also a tilt tray kind of tow truck. It can take up to 10 tonnes of freight. towing companies in Brisbane that have extra heavy lifts transport heavy machinery sheds, trucks, shipping containers, etc. multiple types of equipment can also be moved together due to its high weight capacity with a longer tray of 9 meters. The width of the tray is the same as that of heavy lifts. It is more dominant than heavy lift trucks.

Under-lift Tow Truck

In general, people avoid using under lift tow trucks for cars and other delicate vehicles. It can be easily damaged. But under-lifts used by towing companies in Brisbane are used for a wide variety of automobiles. These under-lifts are used to tow very heavy trucks, machinery, buses, and much more. It is very useful in the reclamation of crashed cars. Accidents can cause traffic, so this truck can be used to tow away cars.

Low Tilt Trays

It is very stressful to tow expensive cars. towing companies in Brisbane are very helpful in providing the latest technology for towing. Low tilt trays trucks can load directly from pavement or road. It is used for small cabins, boats, low cars, etc. Low suspension cars need special care while towing. Newer low tilt trays have no sloping inclined for anodyne circumstance for your cars. It is also helpful to transport demountable structures.

Super Tilts

Tow trucks that can handle 18 tonnes tilt tray trucks are called super tilts. It can transport large containers, heavy machinery that can weigh 18 tonnes. Super tilts are towing trucks that can tilt and slide with more than 15 tonnes of weight. It is mostly used for towing 40-foot shipping containers, trucks, buses, large caravans, and site sheds, etc. It can load equipment of length up to 14 meters. Though it is only 2.5 meters in width it can take the load with a 3-meter length.

4WD Recovery

Recovery vehicles are powerful tractors that are used for moving vehicles with four-wheel drive, stuck in mud, forests, beach, paddocks, etc. It is not owned by many towing companies in Brisbane. Towing tractors are used for recovering vehicles from the burnt forest or beach recoveries. This is not a common vehicle for every towing company.

Towing Companies In Brisbane

Pilot & Service Automobiles

Towing can be difficult on some roads. It is especially difficult if you are towing heavy vehicles or large containers. Service vehicles go ahead of towing trucks to warn the traffic. Over-dimensional equipment can also be towed through this automobile such as boats, trucks, forklifts, ISO tanks, excavators, flat racks, etc. It is also useful to guide the towing truck through difficult roads.


Tilt trays and tow trucks with 4 tonnes capacity are called ordinaries. These automobiles can be used for towing cars, motorcycles, light machines, small construction gear. This type of truck usually has a 6 meters long tray. It only allows for 4 tonnes of weight to be carried. The tray can be 2.4 meters wide. But it can take about 3 meters wide machinery.

There are many services provided by towing companies in Brisbane for their citizens. They use advanced technological automobiles to help rescue people from their motorized problems.

An extensive variety of vehicles to not just transport automobiles but to also transport a range of different things for people is what they do. Site and caravan transport is also being transported. Sometimes people also transport their houses through towing trucks. Large trucks are difficult and heavy without additional luggage they carry. If they are carrying the load, they become increasingly difficult to tow away. But big trucks with shipment will need to be immediately moved in case of an accident or break down as they can cause major congestion on roads.

There are more than 100 towing companies in Brisbane. You will be able to call any of them from any place in Brisbane. Good luck and Drive safe.