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Common Myths About Accidents And Importance Of Towing

Car accidents can happen to anyone suddenly, at any time and anywhere, often giving the victims and the bystanders, little or no time to react in shock. They are by no means good and have the potential to ruin your day, if not more. When accidents happen, emotions are at an all-time high and they can cause hindrances while making any judgement afterwards due to many factors such as the severity of the accident, how much damage the accident has caused, etc but knowing how to react and what to do after the accident is also important, especially if you were not a part of the accident but are a friend or relative who arrives the accident site afterwards. Taking the right and necessary steps after the accident can help you in many ways to deal with the situation and making decisions later, such as claiming property damage, claiming personal injury insurance, or calling Car Towing Services in Brisbane

Today, we will talk about all the common myths related to car accidents and try to debunk them by exposing the truth, solving the misunderstandings and educating you on things that you might not be aware of.

Common Myths Related To Car Accidents

It Is Okay To Leave The Scene Of Accident If The Accident Was Minor

The small bump you give another car when someone brakes in front of you or swerves in front of you might seem like a minor accident right? Yes, it may be a minor accident but you still cannot just drive off like that. Leaving or driving off an accident scene is a crime in itself and will lead to serious repercussions you may face charges and other penalties. If you just leave the scene rudely, you can be liable to incur costs in the shape of vehicle repairs and other physical injury treatment if any of the other party or passenger is hurt.

It is understandable that afterwards dealing with the accident filing process or having to call a car towing Brisbane services at a time when you’re going through the mental shock of hitting someone or having been hit by someone is not an easy thing. Particularly when it can potentially affect your driving record and might even lead to higher premiums.

Car Towing Services in Brisbane

It Is Always The Fault Of The Rear End Driver In Rear End Collisions

You might think that if your vehicle is hit in a rear-end collision, it will be the fault of the person who crashed from behind. That is not the case, this concept is mostly wrong, and some factors might even lead to the conclusion that it was the fault of the vehicle driving in the front. Different factors such as any third-party vehicle’s actions, defective breaks, or the car in front having issues with their break can all be the problems that may lead to a rear-end crash.

There are cases where the person driving in the back didn’t control his or her speed and ended up crashing into the vehicle in the front while there also can be a case where the person driving in the front suddenly braked or swerved in the front, causing a rear-end crash. Thus, both the party in the front or in the back are liable for fault.

If you are in a similar accident, it is best not to start throwing faults and instead deal with the situation at hand such as taking care if someone is injured or calling a car towing Brisbane if the vehicle is too damaged and is blocking the road.

The Police Report Will Help In Identifying Who Is At Fault

This should be the first thing that you do after getting into an accident, calling the police and filing a crash report of the accident. It is more important than arguing with the other party, calling relatives, or calling a car towing Brisbane and should be done first. You can do all that after the police show up and document your vehicle accident. The police officers will write a report about the whole incident and may include statements of the parties involved. However, one thing you should keep in mind is that there is no guarantee that the report will prove who is at fault.

In most cases, a police report is only a factual document that avoids speculation. It serves as evidence for the insurance companies, but it doesn’t mean that the other party’s insurance will also not fight back. In any case, both parties will be asked to produce accessory evidence such as eyewitnesses, damage to the vehicle, skid marks, etc and then compare both the parties’ stories.

Thus, you cannot depend on the fact that a police report will help you to find that faulty party.

In any case, as we have observed before, the best thing to do after getting into an accident is to first call the police and then contact the car towing Brisbane services because if you do not call towing services immediately then there can be huge ramifications.

Let us take a look at what can happen if you are in an Accident

Increased Damage To The Car

Cars are mechanical machines where a single issue can easily multiply into several issues in no time and can worsen even more if not attended by a professional in due time.

Let’s understand by the example of an electric spark in the engine which can be caused due to an accident. If you have an electric spark in your engine and if you do not take care of it immediately, it can cause a short circuit in the car and can even lead to a fire in the engine. Circumstances like this can seriously risk the lives of the passengers as well as people near the vehicle. Not only that, the car itself will be turned into scrap by the time any roadside assistance service personal appears.

Thus, you should call towing as soon as you are in an accident or your car suddenly stops working. Also, the services of car towing Brisbane company must ensure a quick and prompt response to reach as soon as possible to the accident site or the stranded party to avoid the situation escalating into danger and to prevent losses. Also, the stranded party should always contact a professional car towing Brisbane services to avoid hassle and further problems.

Weather Problems

Weather can play tricks on drivers and passengers, putting their lives in jeopardy if they are trapped in a remote area with no shelter for an extended period of time. If a snowstorm hits when a driver is trapped on the road with their car stuck at a halt, the situation can get even worse.

Car towing Brisbane companies must seriously consider the dangers and ensure that vehicles in need of assistance are not left waiting for lengthy periods of time. Professional car towing Brisbane companies and roadside assistance services are available even on holidays, reducing response times and saving customers from adverse weather.

Car Towing Services in Brisbane

Possibility Of A Street Crime

The prevalence of street crime has reached epidemic proportions, and the likelihood of being a victim is no longer merely a probability, but a certainty. You must be aware that if you are is stranded in a remote location, there is a high risk of attracting burglars and bandits. If things get out of hand, a minor delay because of you not calling your car towing Brisbane service and assistance company can cost you money, your vehicle, or even your life. A quick response from a skilled towing company will help you avoid being a target for robbers and burglars.

You Might Miss An Important Prior Engagement

When your car breaks down on the way to an important meeting or if you are in a hurry to catch a flight, then your time becomes much more valuable. As a result, you find yourself in a delicate situation that you had not anticipated and for which you were obviously unprepared. Now is the time for you to immediately call for roadside assistance and car towing Brisbane services so that you can get back on track with your meeting or board your flight or train in time. If, by chance, your car towing Brisbane service is nearby and competent, the chances of them reaching you in a timely manner increase.


Thus, it is vital for you to immediately contact towing services as soon as you are in an accident or when your car has suddenly stopped working so that you possible avoid any dangerous situation or not miss any of your important meeting or flight that you might have to catch.