Everything you need to know about heavy duty towing equipment

Everyone who owns a car in Brisbane has contacted a towing company in Brisbane at least once. But that is not all that a towing company in Brisbane has to offer. They can do some heavy lifting as well. With help of this article, you will know everything you need to know and all the different types of heavy duty towing equipment. 

What Kinds Of Heavy Duty Towing Equipment Are There With Towing Companies In Brisbane?

A flatbed mechanism is commonly used in heavy-duty towing equipment. A flatbed has more space and weight capacity than a standard semi-trailer, which is also lighter and easier to operate. It is one of the most common types of equipment for towing companies in Brisbane

Because its weight distribution does not rely on a pivot point, a flatbed can be simply put on a commercial truck or van with no modification. This allows you to use a flatbed with any vehicle, even if it didn’t come with the technology out of the box.

Towing for heavy vehicles

For organisations that demand a big cargo capacity, these features make heavy-duty towing equipment more efficient and easy. As a result, many different towing companies in Brisbane have begun to use this type of technology to free up space and assist their employees in working to their full potential.

The following are the most prevalent types of heavy-duty towing equipment available with towing companies in Brisbane:

  • Tow Maxi

This is a big mechanism with four arms that lift the top of the system to allow large items such as oil rigs or construction equipment to be transported.

This towing system is typically seen in the oil and gas industry, but it can be employed in a variety of other industries as well. It is not that common for a towing company in Brisbane to own it. 

  • Bobtach Towing

This is another common method that offers the same benefits as semi-trailer equipment but does not require a separate truck.

This type differs from conventional Bobtach in that the latter has only one piece that may be disconnected by hand to change cargo. Some of the towing companies in Brisbane have this equipment. 

  • Loading System for Flatbeds

It’s mostly utilised to move huge vehicles like planes and yachts. When putting an object onto a bed, this device eliminates the need for costly loading ramps.

It is available in most of the reputed towing companies in Brisbane. 

  • Towing a semi-trailer

Because it may be utilised in a variety of industries, this is one of the most common heavy-duty equipment designs. Often available with most of the Brisbane towing services. 

It tows huge freight with the help of a separate truck. Because it provides more stability and storage capacity, this form is ideal for delivering goods over long distances in various types of weather.

The semi-trailer has the capacity to link to bumper technology, making it simple to connect without the need for extra training or equipment.

Most of the time, another truck is required to tow the trailer, however, some trucks can be equipped with a unique hitch on the back of the cab.

  • Towing using Articulation

Semi-trucks and trailers frequently have this system installed. It connects a separate truck to the trailer in order to provide stability and weight distribution. Common among the towing companies in Brisbane. 

An A-frame is the most frequent piece of equipment for this configuration, which connects the truck’s head to the trailer’s A-frame to form a pivot point.

  • Towing System for Maxi-Rigs

It has the same weight capacity as live axle lock and double drop systems, but with the added benefit of twin bars for added support. 

This system design still requires two drivers to operate, but it makes loading and unloading cargo easier. Depending on the requirement it can save a lot of time for customers. 

  • Towing by Push-Pull

This is a form of towing system that is used to lighten a vehicle’s weight. Thanks to its usability, it is very popular among regular heavy duty towing companies in Brisbane. 

The push portion drives in front and steers one axle, while the pull portion trails behind and makes the steer axle turn its wheels.

  • Towing System for Shape Vaults

It functions in the same way as the double drop, but it allows for more mobility while transporting specific goods.

A 10,000-pound crane is the most common piece of equipment utilised for this.

  • Tow Wrecker Systems

These are typically seen in law enforcement since they help to control automobiles as they are being pulled. The T-bar is the most typical piece of equipment for this, and it can be released at any time.

  • Towing with a fifth wheel

Because of its weight distribution, this is one of the most popular types of towing systems. Also, making it some of the most commonly owned heavy duty equipment for towing companies in Brisbane. 

The bottom bracket offers a pivot point for each vehicle, reducing strain and providing support and stability.

  • Towing System with Live Axle Lock

They frequently have a winch on either side of the gadget to give any vehicle mechanical advantage and stability. This technique is advantageous since the locking mechanism may be operated by only one person.

  • Towing System with Two Drops

This method is similar to the push-pull system, except it can handle more weight. Because it requires two different drivers to coordinate, this type of equipment is often difficult to operate.

Despite its usefulness, its difficulty to operate makes it less common among cheaper towing in Gold Coast. 

  • Fruehe Towing System

This technology works by locking the steering wheel, allowing only one driver to operate the car. Separate bars on each side of the vehicle keep it stable while being hauled.

  • Spud Cots Towing System 

Because it includes a quick-connect function for convenient attachment, it is commonly used to transport large equipment such as oil rigs.

Each corner of this type has stabiliser bars that can lift the equipment off the ground. This is one of the common pieces of equipment to use for cheaper towing in Gold Coast. 

  • Aerial Towing System 

It has a large flatbed that can be adjusted to protect any vehicle and is typically used for transporting planes and helicopters. It is not common owned by most of the towing companies in Brisbane

  • Platform Lift Truck

It’s prevalent on docks, and it has a pivot point that lets the truck move in any direction without affecting the vehicle.

This device can be found at numerous airports and shipping ports.

Towing equipment that is more powerful can be found in a variety of sectors. Large trucks with two drivers are characteristic of this heavy machinery, however, some can be equipped with unique hitches attached to the cab of the truck. With this blog, now you know every heavy duty equipment used for towing in Brisbane.