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Which Tow Truck To Use On Different Types Of Vehicles?

Towing is a more than 100 years old service which came about in the US when the number of people using vehicles rose and along with that problem associated with it also increased. The first tow truck was Cadillac modified into a tow truck. He attached pulley and crane structure to the car and interestingly the hook system used by him in the early 1900s is still being used by many tow truck companies even today in various parts of the world.

Although it is old technology, the hook and chain tow truck which was originally designed for retrieving the car from the ditch and similar circumstances are still used for the same purpose and no alternatives have been invented for this situation. It is not a complete waste as the pulley has been upgraded with the motor pulley and the rope which was originally used has been replaced or has the option of using the chain as well.

Though there is nothing much that can be done with a golden child hook and chain, towing has grown so much and is used in many situations not just retrieving it from the side of the ditch. Tow truck companies offer so many services in towing and after towing services.

Let us look at the best tips to tow different type of vehicles:

Electric cars

When we say car, it is assumed that we are talking about petrol or diesel cars and not about electric ones. It can be observed that their popularity is growing as a result of advancing technology and environmental awareness in people.

Electric cars are still cars and there are many reasons for their breakdown. This was not a big issue a few years ago but now when more people are using electric cars tow truck companies are happy to help people tow their trucks without damaging them.

It does not matter which type of car you are using when the car breaks down you should call for help unless it is a tire blow out which you can change if you have a spare tire. Tow truck companies are indeed incorporating many services besides towing but it is also true that there are many companies in Brisbane that are unable to help with electric cars.

One of the most important aspects of getting proper help is telling those exact problems and not skipping the details. Telling them your car is electric is one of them. It is due to the fact that electric cars do not have a neutral system in them. A neutral system keeps your car from turning while being towed. In electric cars when the wheel turns it will affect the engine and could do more damage.

There is also a chance that the car can get overheated and more problems might arise but there is still a safe way to tow your electric car. Using flatbed tow is the best solution for electric cars.

A flatbed truck is a very versatile towing vehicle that has very little chance of damaging your electric car. Hook and chain tow is very dangerous due to lack of a neutral system and integrated truck is risky as well. But flatbed towing is very safe and will not damage any aesthetics of the car.

tow truck companies

This towing is safe because it will lift the whole truck from the road and we can secure it firmly and as tires are not touching the road car will not turn and cause additional damage.

Camping trailer or motorhome

RV or motor homes is a big investment for any person so it is very unsurprising that people would like to do everything they can to keep it from being damaged. However, it is not always possible, and being a big mobile home it has many functions and any of them could stop working. It might be a good fortune if you are not on the road when that happens but if you are indeed on-road then it is smart to call professionals for help.

We help our customers transport their motorhomes for any distance. As motor homes are not necessarily transported for repair only, they could also transport them across the country and do not wish to drive them.

There are few things to keep in mind before towing the motor home to longer distances. The towing capacity of the tow truck is most essential. It does not matter which motor home you are towing but how much supplies you have in it. Bigger RVs will have more weight but large empty RVs will weigh less in comparison with smaller but full of supplies. So check if the tow truck will be able to handle the weight.

It is essential not only for the safety of the vehicle but it is also necessary for insurance if the capacity load does not match the towed vehicle and if something happened to the vehicle insurance will not reimburse you for your losses.

It is very difficult to tow such large equipment for any amount of distance. If you consider the weight and speed you will be left with an extensive amount of force so safety is prioritized over other things. Tow truck companies like ours have drivers that take care not to hit curbs while turning and they need to take wide turns. There are also things like acceleration and stopping to take into account due to additional weight attached to the tow truck. Our drivers have years of experience in towing RVs. Towing truck companies like Austow will provide the best possible service we can.

Two-wheel drive car

Professionals tow truck companies can’t treat two-wheel-drive cars the same as a four-wheel-drive car. The two-wheel-drive comes in two categories front-wheel drive and rear wheel drive and you must inform your tow truck driver about your car’s features. If the car is towed from the wrong end it could damage your vehicle and waste your time and money as well.

There are many options available to tow such cars. You just need to tell us about the details. Also, depending on the truck and services provided prices differ. The best option is to use trailers and flatbed tow trucks, they lift your car off the road so there is no reason to worry about damaging any parts under the car. But this is a popular tow truck and if it is not available then you should have other options available to you. We as tow truck companies try our best to provide everything our clients desire but sometimes we fall short.

A tow bar truck is also a very good option for two-wheel-drive cars. With this truck, we will attach a bar to the pall hitch and bumper and all the tires will be on the ground for this method. This will not be a good option when you have a flat tire but otherwise, it is a very good alternative to the flatbed tow truck.

Another option is two dollies, which is relatively easy because you only need dollies to finish the job. But this option is not as safe as the above two. In this front two wheels are lifted while other rear wheels are kept on the road. This method is easy for front-drive cars but when it comes to rear-drive cars we will need to remove the driveshaft before towing it to the desired location. It damages the transmission in an additional step to remove the driveshaft that has not been performed.

Motorcycles or bikes

It is a great experience to drive motorcycles, they are unique and have some dangerous element embedded in them and that makes it even more intriguing. Anyone who owns the bike knows what joy it is to drive it around, weaving through the traffic. But it is not always convenient as this too can break down due to some malfunctions in the system. There is also transporting it to another part of the country and not being able to do so by bike alone.

So we offer three methods for towing your precious bike anywhere you like. The first option is to use a flatbed truck to tow or transport it to the desired location. A flatbed tow truck is going to be a truck for any type of towing service and very popular among our clients.

tow truck companies

This is a great option for your bike as the flat surface of the truck body is unrestricted and unrestricted, and is supported by a solid frame and four wheels. Special locks, belts, and cables secure the bicycle to the platform and prevent it from tipping over. There is almost no room for error here, so ineffective heavy objects can be easily towed away. Also, there are many types of platform trucks available for clients choosing.

The second option is two wheels towing, in which the motorcycle is towed by connecting two wheels with a wheel axle and supported by a ramp frame. This is an ideal solution for anyone with a motorcycle as you will be able to take it with you anywhere you want. In this method, you just have to put your bike on the ramp and we will tow it to any place you want.


Most cars do not need special attention while towing is what we believe but that is entirely incorrect. Every car is built to cause minimum discomfort to its driver but that same courtesy is not extended to helping in towing services. But tow truck companies are ready to take any challenge that they come across. Every type of vehicle has different needs. We will help you tow your automobile in the safest way possible.