Must-Know Facts About Tyres According To Towing Companies In Brisbane

Tyres are literally the most important parts of any vehicle. Great engine, comfortable seats and anything about the vehicle will not matter if your vehicle is not having its tyres in place. Without wheels, you will not be able to take advantage of your cars. Yet according to towing companies in Brisbane, these are often overlooked parts of any vehicle. Not many Australians focus or even care about them. 

In this blog we will discuss everything an Australian driver should know about the tyres according to towing companies in Brisbane:

How Do You Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Tyres?

It doesn’t take an expert from towing companies in Brisbane to know that if you hear a loud pop while driving, it’s most likely because your tyre has gone flat. Even if you didn’t hear anything, you’d still feel a thump and some vibration. A loud flapping sound can be heard most of the time, which is caused by the flat tyre itself.

While driving, you may experience a tyre puncture. Because it might happen with a sluggish leak, it isn’t always obvious. The under-inflation demands immediate treatment. According to towing companies in Brisbane, when the steering wheel shakes or feels wobbly, it’s a sign that the tyres aren’t balanced. Another instance is when the steering wheel appears to pull to the side of the puncture.

If your steering has become less sensitive and cornering has become difficult, you may have a flat or low-pressure tyre.

According to towing companies in Brisbane, you may also require a tyre change for the following reasons:

  • Because of the uneven tread, the more worn tyre could blow out at any time.
  • Vibration is a telltale sign that at least one tyre has been damaged. It’s also possible that it’s due to a lack of suspension. Make an appointment with a mechanic straight away to have it looked at.
  • Low-pressure tyres are stressed, which might result in a blowout.
  • The tyre has been physically damaged, such as a cut or bulging.

You can use the coin test to see if a tyre needs to be replaced. To accomplish this, place the head of a 20c coin in the tread grooves. If the tread does not come into touch with the platypus’ bill, your tyre has only 3mm of tread remaining.

You should change your tyre as soon as possible to keep safe on the road. Make sure you check all of your tyres.

Recommended Terminologies to Be Acquainted With According To Towing Companies In Brisbane

We’ll keep things simple in this article, but it won’t hurt to know a few terminologies about tyres as the ultimate goal will be to change the flat tyre in the time of need. 

We are going to prepare a step by step guide on how to change a flat tyre with the help of towing companies in Brisbane

The following are some examples of terminologies:

  • Air pressure: 

Air pressure is measured in pounds per square inch (PSI) and refers to the amount of air contained within the tyre. Companies will sometimes use bars to discuss air pressure. 

The exact amount for your tyre will vary depending on the car you’re driving, so consult the owner’s manual. This information is also available on the petrol tank flap.

  • Bar: 

If a manufacturer uses the term “bar,” it refers to the metric unit for air pressure. 12.503 PSI is equal to one bar.

  • Alignment: 

Proper alignment guarantees that the wheels and suspension are in the correct place.

  • Sidewall: 

The sidewall is the part of the tyre that runs between the bead and the tread surface.

  • Bead: 

The steel reinforcements and wire that are inside the tyre are held in place by the bead, which is a round hoop.

  • Tread: 

The tread is the part of the tyre that makes contact with the road.

  • Tread life: 

Tread life is the amount of time a tyre is predicted to last before it begins to wear out, and it is measured in kilometres.

  • Section Width: 

The measurement of the tyre from one side to the other is known as section height. The section width is the distance between the tread and the sidewall.

  • Radial: 

This is a sort of tyre that has wires inside to make it safer and firmer than standard tyres. Remoulding refers to the process of giving an old tyre a new surface.

Precautions to Take When Changing a Flat tyre

It’s not only about replacing a flat tyre with a new one when you change your tyre. It’s also about guaranteeing your own and your vehicle’s safety. Here are some things to remember:

  • Always replace your tyre in a secure area. When you realize you have a flat tyre, rapidly turning or stepping on the brakes is dangerous. As you slowly descend, scan your surroundings.
  • Look for a road with a level side. It is advisable to go to an empty car park if you discover one. You’ll need a flat surface to avoid rolling your automobile as you replace the tyre. A straight road is also excellent since it eliminates the risk of getting hit by oncoming traffic.
  • Some automobiles have special procedures to follow. While there are certain typical ways for replacing a tyre, it is best to review your owner’s manual first.
  • Make sure your danger lights are turned on. While working on your car, these flashers allow other cars to see you. You can activate them as soon as you discover a flat tyre, alerting other cars that you need to pull over.
  • Use the parking brake if necessary. It will lessen the chances of your car rolling.
  • Make use of wheel wedges. Place them in front of, or even behind, the tyres. They assist in preventing your car from moving while you work on it. If you’re working on the back tyre, place the wedge in front of it.
  • Apart from these safeguards, Australian nationals must also be aware of the rules governing tyres and their replacement.

Here is the list of Australian laws that you need to follow according to towing companies in Brisbane

The top tip and rule as of towing companies in Brisbane is that you should inspect your tyres on a regular basis to ensure that they are in good working order. 

It also aids in the prevention of accidents caused by a driver’s lack of control over the steering wheel and the vehicle itself.

In Australia, checking the tyre pressure at least once a month is required as part of routine vehicle maintenance.

The amount of tread on the tyres can indicate whether or not the vehicle is still roadworthy. It should be replaced as soon as possible if it is smaller than 1.5mm.

According to a survey conducted by towing companies in Brisbane, Australian drivers aged 65 and more are the most capable when it comes to basic car maintenance, such as replacing flat tyres. The majority of those aged 18 to 25 were ignorant of the steps.

When flat tyres are not replaced, they might lead to accidents. However, failing to park securely while repairing the problem can result in an unexpected event. In reality, after being hit by a bus on the Warringah Freeway in 2017, a woman was killed while changing her tyre.

To prevent accidents, the Australian Design Rules (ADR) established the following tyre regulations:

  • According to ADR 42, the protection must effectively cover both the wheel and the tyre.
  • The distance between the wheel’s centre and the guard is likewise covered by the standard. Low-riding and customized cars may be prohibited now that there is a rule.
  • Before being installed on any vehicle, all tyres must comply with ADR 23 requirements. The type of construction for tyres is not specified in ADR 23. As a result, previous styles are still legal to wear and fit. These tyres, however, must first pass a series of tests, including bead unseating, tyre endurance and strength, speed performance, and resistance.
  • When replacing tyres, it’s critical to check that the new ones come with a service description. First, check to see whether there are any speed rating specifications or dimensions, among other things.

Opinions of experts from towing companies in Brisbane on the top rated tyre brands

Even the greatest tyre on the market won’t prevent an unavoidable blowout. However, a high-quality one can survive numerous challenges, resulting in a longer lifespan than lesser brands.

A good tyre also provides greater stopping distances and fuel efficiency. It offers superior grip in wet weather and doesn’t make a lot of noise.

The following are some of the most popular tyre brands in Australia according to towing companies in Brisbane:

  • Michelin: 

Michelin tyres for SUVs are among the best on the market, with high ratings for value for money, wet weather performance, and overall satisfaction.

  • Goodyear and Continental Tyres: 

These two companies are among the best choices for tiny cars searching for dependable tyres. They are cost-effective and long-lasting.

  • Roadstone: 

If you’re looking for an all-season tyre, Roadstone is a well-known brand in the United States.

  • Pirelli

Pirelli is the most well-known brand of sports automobiles. The tyres, however, are not suitable for family vehicles. They’re also expensive, and they could not last as long as other tyres.

Having a good brand of tyres for your car will not compensate for your lack of understanding of how to change a flat tyre. This ability is required so that you do not become trapped on the road or have to wait for towing or roadside help. 

Therefore, stick to us for our next article where we will provide you the most comprehensive guide on how to change a flat tyre with the best tips and advice from top towing companies in Brisbane