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12 Safety Tips While Waiting For Local Tow Truck Services

Unfortunate incidents can happen at any time. It is always advisable to be ready for unforeseen circumstances. While driving, you may experience a flat tire, a dead battery, or a minor accident leaving your vehicle in unmovable condition. Breaking down in the middle of the road can prove to be disastrous. Crossing by drivers may not be cautious enough to see that you have a broken-down car that cannot be displaced. You can also become easy targets of robbers and gangs while waiting for your tow truck. It is very important to remain safe while waiting for a local tow truck service provider.

The Following Tips May Help You To Remain Safe During Waiting For A Local Tow Truck Service Provider

In The Case Of A Flat Tire, Pull Over The Car To The Side Of The Road

Keep your car’s flashlights on. While parking, ensure that there is a safe space between your car and the coming traffic so that you can easily move in and out of the car, and also you provide no hindrance to the passing by vehicles.
While waiting for a local tow truck stay in your car, and make phone calls or text messages to your loved ones. Share your live location and let people know about your whereabouts.

Local Tow Truck

If you have a spare tire in case of a flat tire situation and you know how to install a new tire, do it. It is highly recommended that a spare tire should be used rather than a tire plug. Tire plugs don’t work very well.
In case you do not have a spare tire and do not know what to do in such a situation, contact a low tow truck or Austow in case you are in Brisbane for safe and affordable towing.

In Case Of Extreme Temperatures

Extreme temperatures, whether extremely warm or extremely cold have a strong effect on your car’s battery. During the summer season, extreme heat causes your car’s battery to expand, which results in the battery’s inner fluid evaporate. This causes damage to the battery and proves to decrease its life. When dead it should be replaced. In case your car’s battery breakdowns while you are on a highway it may cause great discomfort. Call a local tow truck for instant assistance. Extreme weather can also cause damage to the car’s tires or breaks. It is advisable to check the vehicle thoroughly before driving during extreme and harsh climates. Your safety is always in your hands.

Keep Your Hazard Lights On

While you are waiting for assistance, keep your hazard lights on. From the moment your car starts to show signs of damage, turn on the hazard lights. This will help the other drivers to notice your car and also they will be more cautious when crossing by your car. It will alert the drivers that your car is not in moving condition. If you carry an emergency kit with you, try to set up flares and cones to increase your visibility. It is really necessary from the safety point of view that the passing drivers notice your situation. This may help you in getting quick assistance as well.

Car Parking

If your car is still in the condition to move take it to the nearest mechanic else pull over the side of the road as much as possible. Never park the car at a blind curve or corner and also not on a hill so that passing by drivers can spot your car and become alert before reaching you. Choose the safest spot for your broken down car because you never know for how much time you will have to wait before assistance arrives If you can no longer drive the car, park your car at a spot, and make the call for a local tow truck for early and reliable assistance. Try to push it at the corner of the road if it’s not moving on its own.

Staying Inside The Car Is Always Safe

While waiting for assistance, stay inside your car. Stay inside your car wearing your seatbelts. Standing next to a broken car is never advisable. This may prove to be extremely harmful to you and maybe life-threatening also as other drivers do not always pay attention to the road while driving. Except for some conditions like your car smoking or is stuck in an area where you could get hit easily, it is advised to stay out of the car. In case there are no cars on the road, staying outside of the car is advisable. If you are on the side of a highway, move out through the passenger side. Do not stand behind or in front of the broken car.

Safety Of Your Valuables Is In Your Hands

If you are planning to leave your vehicle on road alone and move to some safer place do not forget to carry your personal belongings with you. Take your insurance papers, important documents, your wallet, purse, and any other important thing with you. An empty vehicle is more prone to robberies and thefts. While you are assuring your safety you must keep your vehicle also safe. Lock its doors and close the windows. Park your car at a safe spot, maybe under a street light pole so that it remains at everyone’s notice. Before leaving make sure that you have not left valuable things inside.

In Case Of An Accident

If you have been a victim of an accident do not shift from the spot until police arrive. Get out of the car and mend your injuries. Do not try to leave the spot as per your wish as it may call for some unforeseen legal actions. Do not let anyone touch your vehicle as it may change the pieces of evidence that may be used later.Don’t seek assistance from the passing by drivers

Do not take help from the passing by drivers. Two-wheeler and four-wheeler drivers may come to your assistance. But you should only tell them that you are waiting for your local tow truck instead of indulging in any form of conversation. The majority of people do not come to you with good intentions but have second thoughts of causing you discomfort. Some people may have good intentions of helping you but you can never tell the difference as such. While waiting it is best to remain in continuous contact with your dear ones and keep them updated from time to time. Call the towing service provider to tell about your present location and the reason your car broke down. Do not accept any form of edible from anyone.

Local Tow Truck

In The Case Of Children And Pets

If you are traveling with children or pet(s) be more cautious. Do not forget to take them with you if you are planning to abandon your damaged car for some time. Do not lock them inside in the summer seasons, they could get heatstroke leading to major health issues. It is not safe to accept any kind of food item from any stranger. In times of car breakdown, assistance may take more than the estimated time to reach. So it is always helpful to carry extra water bottles and edibles while traveling with children and pet(s). Keep them under your surveillance and don’t let them talk to any passing by.

Keep Your Documents Handy

While waiting for the towing vehicle assistance try to prepare the necessary documentation. It will save your time and also the service provider’s time. A local tow truck will be familiar with your location but due to some unforeseen situations, it may reach you a little late. Keep your papers handy to speed up the towing process and avoid any unnecessary delays. Before leaving your home, always remember to keep valid ID proof, your driving license, papers of your car(vehicle), and any other document that may be needed with you.

Choose A Reliable Towing Service Provider

Before selecting the towing service provider, always check the ratings first. Only go for those service providers who have more than a 4-star rating. Read the comments. Check for the response time, customers’ satisfaction, the services they offer, locations covered, and types of towing vehicles they have. When your towing service provider arrives, confirm his credentials. Make sure that the same towing that you have asked for has arrived.

Locked keys, don’t panic

If you have locked your keys inside the car it may become a big issue if you do not have a spare one with you on the spot. In such cases try to contact a nearby mechanic and if you cannot reach out to one book a tow truck. Booking a tow truck is the safest option as it will tow your car with utmost care and also take you to a nearby mechanic or your home at an affordable price.


You may need assistance at any time during your journey. You can have issues with the car’s battery, tires, keys, or due to extreme weather. It is always the safest to book a local tow truck instead of taking help from a passing-by driver. Austow is always at your service for any type of towing need in Brisbane.